"...with routines as exotic and creative as ever..."

Distinctive in her style, Luna Rosa is the epitome of classic exotica, a supreme embodiment of the old school:  of wild jazz, glamour, of classic bump n grind, and instinctive rhythm and sensuality.  Luna is an international performer with an international sense of creativity, dubbed as the “undisputed Queen of Exotica”, and described as “the Body of Burlesque”.  She has worked with some of the world’s most accomplished burlesque icons, such as Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Erochica Bamboo and LouLou D’Vil.  Erotic, powerful and statuesque, she takes the audience to another world with exotic, melodic mystery.

Luna Rosa : Performer.  Director.

"There are many performers that light up this great city of London.  But Luna Rosa has more than just the edge.  She radiates poise, originality, grace and beauty.  A star !"

Lance McCormack, Owner of Romance of Rust, luxury classic car restorer.

She has performed on residencies in Venice at the very decadent Casino di Venezia and in Rome at the Teatro Olimpico, one of the largest theatres in the city.  Of her accomplishments, she is the Director and Producer of Red Sun Entertainment, and has held workshops on stage confidence, striptease, floor work artistry and choreography.  Luna has appeared on Italian television in a documentary on the subject of women of the Venice Carnival and has been featured in magazines and is a figure of admiration from both men and women in her audiences. She has worked on full scale production shows, as well as producing her own:  “The Blue Fez” at the Underdog Gallery in London.

"Luna is the real deal.  An Amazonian performer who stalks the stage as if it were prey. An explosive cocktail of lust and volcanic energy. She's pure heat!”

Neil Kendall, national vintage photographer of the year, member of the board of directors for Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas.

Dedicated to the art of nostalgia, Luna performs under the guise of characters from nocturnal Cairo, to the music halls of old Havana.  Drawing from otherworldly lands of the imagination, her instinctive rhythm and sensuality represented in her choreography and costumes quite naturally command the attention of those who have the pleasure to see her dance.  Often seen in London’s rhythm n blues haunts, Luna forms part of the Exotique Cabaret, performing her floorshow whilst the legendary Jake Vegas and The Monkey’s Uncle play live dirty blues, jazz and exotica.  Nothing nourishes her soul more than this.

The "Body" of Burlesque

"Her choreography is admirable!"

Red Sun Entertainment

Her passion for the exotic extends far beyond the stage. Luna is a talented linguist, and having studied languages at university, she has spent much time travelling between Europe, North Africa and South America.  It was during these travels that she really experienced dance from a cultural perspective, something that is clearly evident in her routines.  She has performed all over the UK and Europe, and each time she returns to London with yet more passion and inspiration for her art.